Property market regulation and control policy is becomi…

Under the situation in which control policies continue to develop, the real estate industry is entering a period of overall adjustment. Not only has the trading volume of the property market slumped, but also the downward trend in house prices has become more pronounced. Real estate invest ---MORE---

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Japan plans to purchase Chinese government bonds

The central bank announced yesterday that the leaders of China and Japan have agreed to strengthen cooperation in the financial markets of the two countries. The two sides will establish a "China-Japan Financial Market Development Joint Working Group" to promote financial coopera ---MORE---

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CSDN user data stolen behind: data packets can be sold …

A user's data package can sell millions of yuan CSDN user data is stolen. Concerned about the industry insiders broke the news more site users suspected suspicious hackers to sell money Yesterday, the country's largest developer community CSDN. NET acknowledges that the security sy ---MORE---

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Lishui recycles 152,000 households for home appliances …

According to the relevant regulations of the state, the replacement of home appliances will be tentatively scheduled to close on December 31 this year. The continuous implementation of the appliance replacement policy for the past two years has entered a “countdown”, and citize ---MORE---

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Impression of Yunnan - Focus on Yunnan Tourism in the B…

In order to seize the opportunity of bridgehead construction and better develop Yunnan tourism, on the afternoon of December 15, 2011, Yunnan Tourism Bureau held the “Yunnan Tourism Marketing Seminar in the Background of Bridgehead Construction” at Beijing Century Golden Resources Hot ---MORE---

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China Real Estate Education Alliance Established

China Real Estate Education Alliance Founding Ceremony The 4th China Real Estate Planners Annual Meeting was held on December 10, 2011 in Guangzhou Xinghe Bay and the China Real Estate Education Alliance was established. The development of the Chinese economy is inseparable from the devel ---MORE---

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Stock market, crude oil dragged down the Canadian dolla…

The USD/CAD Wednesday (December 14th) extended this week's rally, breaking the 1.0400 barrier and hitting 1.0422 at the highest level. Because the market is not optimistic about the results of the EU summit, investors are worried that rating agencies will start with the euro zone and t ---MORE---

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