Air cargo special cargo transportation notes

In addition to the provisions for general cargo transportation, special cargo transportation should comply with the following special requirements:

The consignor’s request for urgent shipment of goods, with the consent of the carrier, may handle urgent shipments and collect express freight according to regulations.

Any microbial product that is harmful to the human body, animals and plants, and carrier culture medium, etc., shall not be carried without the special approval of CAAC.

All biological products such as vaccines, bacterins, antibiotics, serums, etc. that have been artificially manufactured, refined, and aseptically treated, such as the shipper’s providing sterile, non-toxic evidence, can be shipped under ordinary cargo. The storage and transportation of microorganisms and harmful biological products should be far away from food.

Transportation of plants and plant products must be based on a valid "phytosanitary certificate" issued by the county-level (inclusive) or above plant quarantine office.

The ashes should be packed in closed plastic bags or other sealed containers, plus a wooden box, and the outermost layer should be packed in cloth.

Spiritual consignment conditions:

(1) The shipper shall rely on the death certificate issued by the hospital and the relevant transportation certificate issued by the relevant department, and shall contact the carrier in advance to make an appointment;

(b) The body is not infectious;

(3) The body is subjected to anti-corrosion treatment and within the period of preservation;

(4) The inner body of the body is an iron coffin or a wooden coffin, plus a metal box and a buckle for easy handling. The inside of the chamber shall be provided with adsorbent materials such as sawdust or charcoal, and the coffin shall be leak-sealed and be nailed or welded to ensure that the odor and liquid do not overflow;

(5) When processing the shipment, the shipper must provide the certificate of admission issued by the funeral department. Article 32 The transport of dangerous goods must abide by the provisions of the Administration of Civil Aviation of China on the safe transportation of dangerous goods by air.

Animal transport must comply with relevant national regulations and issue immunization certificates and quarantine certificates for local quarantine departments at or above the county level; consignments belong to animals protected by the state, and certificates for transportation by relevant departments are required. Consignments belong to the scope of market management. Animals must have proof of the market management department.

When the shipper trusts the sports, he should contact the carrier in advance and fix the space. When registering for shipping, you must fill in the declaration of transport of live animals. For animals that require special care and feeding or large quantities, they should be escorted. The packaging of animals should not only be convenient for loading and unloading, but also be suitable for animal characteristics and air transport requirements. It can prevent animals from destroying, escaping, and contacting the outside world. At the bottom, there are measures to prevent fecal spillage, ensure ventilation, and prevent animals from suffocating. The animal's packaging should be marked with care and transportation precautions.

The shipper and the consignee should ship and extract animals at the airport and be responsible for keeping the animals before and after they are shipped. If there are special requirements for animal loading, the shipper should explain the precautions to the carrier or guide on the site. Carriers should install animals in aircraft cabins suitable for carrying sports. Animals die in transit and the carrier bears no responsibility except for the fault of the carrier.

The shipper shall consign fresh live and perishable items, and shall provide the maximum allowable transport time limit and transportation precautions, fix the class space, and send the airport check-in formalities at the agreed time. The government requires that quarantine-related fresh and perishable items should be quarantined by the relevant authorities.

The packaging should be suitable for the characteristics of fresh and perishable items, so as not to cause pollution, damage to aircraft and other goods. Passenger flights must not be loaded with perishable items that have bad odors. For fresh and perishable items that require special care, the shipper must prepare the necessary facilities, and if necessary, the shipper will send people to escort. In the process of transportation and warehousing, fresh and perishable items are paid by the shipper or consignee.

Valuable items include: precious metals such as gold, platinum, tantalum, rhodium, palladium, etc.; various types of precious stones, jade articles, diamonds, pearls, and their products; precious cultural relics (including books, paintings, antiques, etc.); cash, and price Securities and gross weight items worth more than RMB 2,000 per kilogram. Valuable items should be packed in strong and tight packing boxes, plus #-shaped iron hoop, and must be sealed at the joints.

According to the nature of the goods, in the course of transportation, special care and guardianship of the goods are required. The shipper shall send personnel to escort, otherwise, the carrier has the right not to carry the goods. Escort cargoes need to be booked in advance. The escort shall perform the carrier’s request for the escorted goods and be responsible for the safe transportation of the goods. Escorters should purchase tickets and check-in procedures.

Loss of goods by the shipper for escort shall not be the responsibility of the carrier unless it proves to be caused by the negligence of the carrier. If it is proved to be due to the negligence of the carrier, compensation shall be paid in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 45 of these Rules. The carrier should assist the escort to complete the task of escorting and attach the “arrest” label on the escort cargo packaging. In the note for freight bills storage and transportation note the words "carry escort" and indicate the date and flight number of the escort.

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