"Black Gang Tour" indicates the rise of social theme tourism

[May Point Network] Today, the tourism model is becoming more and more homogenous. It is necessary to rely on the characteristics to go to the world. Apart from the unrepeatable natural scenery and the unrepeatable historical humanities, we seem to have neglected the same side...

[May Point Network] In today's more and more homogenous tourism mode, we must rely on the characteristics to go to the world. In addition to the unrepeatable natural scenery and the unrepeatable historical humanities, we seem to have neglected the social landscapes that are equally unrepeatable.

A US-based company called "Los Angeles Gangs" opened a triad-themed sightseeing route that took visitors to "explore" the Los Angeles underworld. Visitors pay only $65 to sign a “life and death” to ensure that if they are violently attacked, they will waive their claim and are willing to deliver their fate to former gang members. They can take a bus to explore some of the underworld forces.

On the 16th, more than 50 people abandoned security concerns to participate in the first "black society tour", went deep into the violent neighborhood, and listened to the gang's family history. The tour bus headed for the suburbs and the first stop to visit a gangster iconic graffiti. Then he headed to the central prison, known as the "House of Thugs," and then entered the southern part of Los Angeles through the slums, where several large gangs in Los Angeles were born. Passengers are prohibited from taking photos or videos along the way. Until the end of the journey, visitors can shoot some of the gangster's iconic graffiti within the scope of the permit.

The theme tour has long been nothing new. From the Disney-themed theme park to the theme line of the cherry blossom tour, people are becoming more and more used to embark on a journey around a set theme. Social subjects are quickly becoming the hottest point of themed sightseeing.

In fact, China’s social tourism should be said to have risen earlier than other countries, and it has gradually become a climate. For example, Chongqing’s “most cattle-born households” were included in the itinerary of many travel agencies’ “Chongqing urban one-day tour”, and later Shanghai’s “Fringe of the building” has also become a free spot for many tour groups to visit the five cities of East China... These creative tourism developments have successfully added to the tourism market with the help of high temperature in social subjects. It is a proven experience. .

The social theme has always been a topic of great concern to the public. It has long been in the forefront of the news media. With the social topic and social attention, it is natural to make the original travel route even better. However, due to the short-lived nature of these social themes and the high degree of substitutability, the relevant tourist routes are generally not long. However, as long as the social themes in the itinerary are constantly changing, the continuous appeal of the line can be maintained.

This time, Laomei took a step ahead of us. It was to provoke the independent and full of vitality and sustainable tourism theme of “gangbang tour”. It no longer needs to be attached to the line, it is no longer just a small link, but a unique one.

I am thinking that China is now picking up ancient towns and ancient streets. Tourists are keen to see the history of life. After reading the history of life, can we show something to them? Or take them to see the live. Reality? Isn't the real society itself a rich landscape? Just like when I am talking with friends from other places in Guangzhou, the unique villages in the city and the people in the village always attract their hearts. I went to see for myself, and I joked that I would like to call "Guangzhou Chengzhong Village One-Day Tour".

In today's increasingly homogenized tourism model, we must rely on the characteristics to go to the world. Apart from the unrepeatable natural scenery and the unrepeatable historical humanities, have we always neglected the social landscapes that are equally unrepeatable around us? In the same way, we should probably take into account the social landscape that is growing every day while stepping on the new route, and discover new ideas. (Southern Daily News)

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