Clothing companies march into e-commerce thunder and rain

Clothing companies march into e-commerce More and more clothing companies sprint e-commerce, but so far there have been few successful operations.

"Xtep Official Mall" is an online shopping platform built by Xtep. In 2010, Ding Shuibo, president of Xtep, publicly declared that the online shopping channel will contribute about 1 billion yuan in special steps for two years, accounting for about 10% of Xtep's total sales. However, the reporter of the "First Financial Daily" clicked on the 18 category links under the "Men's Clothing" project of the special step network, only 5 categories have products available for sale, and the remaining 13 categories have no products available for sale.

Compared with Xtep’s carelessness on online shopping platforms, INDITEX, a company that controls the Zara clothing brand, has spent a lot of effort on the online shopping platform and has now achieved network sales in 19 countries around the world.

In terms of consciousness, the gap between the awareness of Chinese apparel retailers and multinational companies is not wide. Dr. Zeng Frog International (01698.HK), Chairman of the Board of Directors, pointed out that after almost ten years of universal development, the Internet has fully penetrated into all aspects of the real economy. After the 80s and 90s, the Internet has grown up. In 2010, the “11•11” promotion of Taobao Mall had a total retail sales of 936 million units. Sales of Uniqlo, Smithfield, etc. exceeded 10 million on the same day, and online banking systems such as China Merchants Bank collapsed. The nation’s major express logistics network was almost totally paralyzed, “online shopping”. "E-commerce" gradually embarked on the mainstream commercial stage.

However, Zhong Zheng also acknowledged that the revenue contributed by the online shopping platform only accounts for about 5% of the total revenue of the doctoral frog, and traditional retail stores are still the main source of income. Market watcher Ma Gang pointed out that even though Li Ning (02331.HK) was an earlier company in the sporting goods company to build an online shopping platform, the current online shopping channel for Li Ning's annual revenue contribution is estimated to not exceed 500 million yuan. In 2010, Li Ning’s revenue was 9.48 billion yuan. Even if the online shopping channel achieved revenue of 500 million yuan, it only accounted for about 5% of total revenue.

Many apparel companies are often relatively self-built online shopping platform. Before Li Ning built its own online shopping platform, Taobao had more than 700 online stores not authorized by Li Ning to sell Li Ning's products, and the annual sales volume reached around 100 million yuan. If Li Ning does not do online shopping, the “online shopping” piece of cake can only be eaten by others. It is for this reason that Li Ning has opened its own online shopping platform.

It is also very practical for Xtep to establish its own online shopping platform. Ding Shuibo once admitted that the products of Xtep's online shopping platform are mainly stocked products. The starting point of selling inventory determines that the online shopping platform cannot have too much of an effect.

Another factor that plagues the growth of online shopping platforms for apparel companies is how to balance the conflict between their large number of physical stores. Li Ning, Xtep and other sporting goods company's physical stores throughout the country, the number approaching or even more than 8,000 mark, if the price of online shopping products is lower than the physical stores, physical stores will be affected by the impact, the dilemma is the garment companies involved in online shopping faced Real situation.

In order to solve the above problems, Zhou Chengjian, Chairman of Meibang Apparel, proposed that the online shopping platform should be open to entity stores. The goods sold on the online shopping platform should be shipped by the dealers in the area where the buyer is located. The income is between Meibang Apparel and distributors according to a certain proportion. Divide and solve the entity store's boycott of the online shopping platform; on the other hand, the company's brands and products that are specially used for online shopping are developed separately from the products sold by the physical stores to avoid head-on conflict.

Whether this tactic can help it to make online and offline bigger together remains to be verified.

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