CSDN user data stolen behind: data packets can be sold for millions of dollars

A user's data package can sell millions of yuan CSDN user data is stolen. Concerned about the industry insiders broke the news more site users suspected suspicious hackers to sell money Yesterday, the country's largest developer community CSDN. NET acknowledges that the security system has been hacked, and some users' login names and passwords in the CSDN database have been compromised.

Industry insiders said that there were more websites where user information was stolen by hackers and was sold out. Some important data packages could even be sold for millions.

Industry insiders remind ordinary users to regularly update their Internet account passwords and register their own Internet accounts of different levels through different mailboxes.

Text / reporter Duan Qunqu yesterday, the largest developer community in China CSDN. NET acknowledges that the security system has been hacked, and some users' login names and passwords in the CSDN database have been compromised.

The official CSDN official issued a statement yesterday and said that after preliminary analysis, the data leaked by hackers was used as backup by CSDN in 2009. At present, I do not know why it was leaked. CSDN has stated that it has reported to the public security agency. The company requires an account registered before April 2009, and Users who have not changed their password since September 2010 will immediately change their password.

The industry insiders said that the information on the Internet for publicly available CSDN users is only a small part compared to the many user data stolen on the Internet. More data has been sold by hackers.

Ordinary user information stolen without knowledge Jinshan network security expert Li Tiejun told this reporter yesterday that currently there are multiple user information including multiple play networks, Renren (microblogging), and 7K7K mini-games on the Internet. Whether it is true or not, there is currently no research. The multi-play network CEO Li Xueling (microblogging) said to the media yesterday, is currently being investigated, no user data has been found to be leaked. There are no official claims for other companies involved.

Li Tiejun revealed that these data were sold in hacking circles when they were taken out by the burglars. The price was very high. For example, the information packages of millions of game player users of some game companies can sell to a high price of one million yuan, and the buyers are mostly competitors of stolen data companies.

For ordinary users, their information is stolen even more unknowingly. Li Tiejun told this reporter that in addition to packetizing data, hackers can also use user information to fraudulently use the Internet to send spam to users. If the stolen data contains a user’s mobile phone number, they can send advertising messages to profit.

Precautionary: Change the password regularly The network expert recommends that all users with weak passwords and users who use the same user name and password for all websites modify as soon as possible. First, use at least 2 mailboxes to bind or apply for a web service, and make sure that the mailbox password is not reused. Second, important services are applied with important mailboxes, and general services are applied with secondary mailboxes. Again, try not to reuse passwords for important services and replace them regularly.


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