Explain the advantages of laser treatment of myopia

At present, the application of laser treatment of myopia is more and more widely, many patients have a skeptical attitude to the surgical method, but in the end there is a choice to cure myopia. These phenomena are enough to explain the advantages of laser treatment of myopia is obvious, we will introduce you to the following several advantages of laser treatment of myopia.

● Advantage 1: Accuracy High-precision computer and laser instrument control correction degree, the general error is within ± 50 degrees.

● Advantage two: high safety only in the anterior corneal interstitial surgery, no corneal epithelial and endothelial cell injury, no corneal scar tissue left after surgery, the probability of corneal opacity is small.

● Advantage 3: High stability The corneal mesenchyme is rapidly healed after surgery, and the degree of postoperative changes is slight and the stability is good.

● Advantage 4: Short operation time requires only local anesthesia with eye medicine, corneal flap incision operation takes approximately 10 seconds/single eye; laser correction degree takes approximately 30 seconds/single eye (depending on degree of correction degree), surgery Immediate vision improves and returns home.

● Advantage 5: Good surgical results According to internal data from the New Era Eye Hospital, more than half of the patients have better vision after surgery than before surgery. And postoperative care is simple and rapid recovery, 99% of patients are quite satisfied with the effect of postoperative.

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