"Express Business Operation Guideline Specification" issued an express delivery industry

Recently, the State Post Bureau promulgated the "Guidelines for the Operation of Express Delivery Operations" for the courier industry, which has the problems of loss of shipments and brutal sorting. It has made basic requirements for the important links and key quality control points for the whole operation of express delivery services. This is the first target. Operational guidelines for express delivery services.

With the rise of e-commerce, online shopping has become a way of life, and it is the rise of the express delivery industry accompanied by online shopping. Because it is a new industry, the lack of corresponding norms, so the loss of objects, shipment delays, brutal sorting, claims disputes Constantly, complaints from this industry have skyrocketed. The statistics of the complaints issued by the China Consumers Association in the first half of the year also showed that the complaints of the express delivery and postal industries had the highest increase, which was a year-on-year increase of 72.6%. Of course, the business volume of the express delivery industry also rose rapidly year-on-year. According to data from the State Post Bureau, in the first half of this year, China's large-scale express delivery service companies completed 1.58 billion business volumes, an increase of 52.8% year-on-year.

It is understood that the introduction of this guideline is due to the fact that individual express delivery companies have exposed brutal sorting at the beginning of this year, which has caused strong reactions in the society. At the same time, lost parts, delays, poor service attitudes, etc. have become the recent consumers of express delivery services. The main issue of the complaint. Take the investigation of the State Post Bureau as an example. In June, the number of complaints such as delays in express delivery, poor service attitude, loss of shipments, and shortages of internal shipments accounted for 85.4% of the effective complaints. Relevant person in charge said that although the guidelines are not mandatory requirements, the State Post Bureau will gradually adopt relevant rules and regulations to restrict and urge express delivery companies to work in the direction of guiding norms, such as linking instructional norms with practice licensing systems.

97% of express delivery companies in our province reached the standard, and the intermediate appraisal put on schedule. The reporter learned from the Provincial Express Industry Association that there are currently more than 8,000 large and small express delivery companies in China, and there are currently 33 large-scale network express delivery companies in our province.

Secretary General of the Provincial Express Industry Association Ma introduced: In 2009, the province's express delivery industry has been in accordance with the "Express Service Standards compliance method" for all express delivery companies in the province to meet the standard assessment, the current 32 companies in 32 companies have reached the standard in three batches . On the whole, the "Guidelines for the Operation of Express Delivery Operations" recently introduced is based on such standards.

It is understood that the current assessment of the province's express delivery industry is still limited to primary assessment. According to the express entry requirements of the express delivery companies, the express delivery companies between cities shall pass 50% of the salesmen who pass the primary assessment; the express delivery companies between the provinces shall pass 40% of the salesmen who pass the preliminary assessment; Enterprises, through the preliminary assessment of the salesman to reach 30%. The existing express delivery companies in our province have basically reached such standards.

"In addition to the postal EMS, the province's express delivery companies have not yet begun the mid-level assessment. Under the guidance of the just-released regulations, the mid-level assessment of our province's fast industry will be put on the agenda." Secretary-General Ma introduced.

Courier operation standard layer refinement, receipt, sorting, delivery have requirements It is reported that, in accordance with the "courier business operation guidelines" provisions, express operations have a detailed standard for each step.

After receiving the order, the express delivery company should pick it up within 2 hours; after picking it up, the express delivery should be delivered to the delivery place within 3 hours.

When the door is closed, it is necessary to ensure that the express mail has been checked for security. It is forbidden to place the collected express mail in a place where no one is keeping it.

If the sorting and express delivery company manually sorts and transports the express mail, if it is necessary to carry it over a relatively long distance, the express mail shall be loaded into the cargo handling equipment (such as a trolley) for transportation, and the express mail shall not be damaged by yanking, dragging, or throwing. Sex action. When the shipments are sorted and removed, the distance between the contact surface on which the shipment is placed should not exceed 30 cm, and the fragile parts should not exceed 10 cm.

The express delivery company shall provide at least two free deliveries of the shipment. The shipments arriving at the delivery network before 15 o'clock in the morning should be delivered on the same day. The shipments arriving at the delivery network after 15 o'clock everyday should be delivered first before 12 o'clock on the following day.

The dispatcher must not deliver more than 10 shipments each time. In the delivery process, other undelivered express mails are properly placed, and it is forbidden to entrust other people to deliver and keep express shipments.

Industry: Individual Regulations Difficult Experts: Teach You How to "Hand"

During the interview, express delivery companies all stated that the specification has a certain guiding significance for business operations, but also put forward opinions on the individual regulations in the regulations.

"Such as the second chapter of the ninth requirements," express delivery companies should pick up the goods within two hours after receiving the order; after picking up, they should send the express delivery within 3 hours to the delivery business premises, because the courier companies are generally Delivery at night, a cargo arriving at 8 o'clock in the morning, we can not be sent to 11 o'clock. "A courier company official believes that this provision should take into account the actual situation of the courier.

Article 26 of Chapter 4 stipulates that all trunk transport vehicles should be double-deployed and should be equipped with GPS terminals. In this regard, Li Xiang, who had just established the express delivery company for less than a year, said: “We are not deploying staff. We are sending escorts for people on short-distance in the province. Two people will be sent if there are long distances outside the province.”

Article 28 stipulates: Express delivery companies shall provide at least two free deliveries of shipments. Manager Li said: “We will not be able to deliver more than once to the recipient in one delivery. There will be no more. We only charge the delivery fee once. This also requires the customer to take into account our situation.”

Article 28 also includes another provision: Express shipments arriving at the delivery network before 15 o'clock in the morning should be delivered on the same day for the first delivery; shipments arriving at the delivery network after 15 o'clock everyday should be completed by 12:00 the following day. . Xiaohui, who became a courier in 2009, said: “In general, we deliver as quickly as possible. This requirement can only be achieved in the same area. The courier is also a person and cannot turn around like the Monkey King.”

In response, some experts pointed out that the guiding role of the specification is more meaningful. Professor Dr. Gao of Economics believes that the express delivery industry is still a new industry in China, and its corresponding management methods are limited, mainly relying on self-regulation of logistics companies. This time, the China Post Bureau can issue such a normative document, which is of great significance to the standardized development of the express delivery industry. "If the technical standards required by this "Code" are put into place, it will be a good thing for China's express delivery companies and it will be beneficial to consumers."

The link postal plan proposes to expand the size of large express delivery companies to the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, and there will be at least five express delivery companies with over 10 billion RMB. The “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of the development of the postal industry announced by the State Post Bureau has clearly stated that to achieve the scale of large-scale express delivery enterprises, it is necessary to improve relevant policy support, promote the linkage development of express delivery, e-commerce, and manufacturing, and support express delivery companies to “go global”. By the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the delay rate of express mail was reduced to eight-thousandths, the damage rate was reduced to one ten-thousandth, the loss rate was reduced to less than five-tenths of a millionth, and the overall satisfaction of social users reached more than 70 points.

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