Guizhou regional airport: Spring has not arrived yet?

On July 18th, it was a very memorable day for the more than 3 million people of all ethnic groups in the southwestern Guizhou Province of Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, because on this day, their dream of flying is finally realized. Yiyi Airport was officially opened.

In a good voice, most people are optimistic about the prospects of Xingyi Airport. They believe that the navigation of the airport has formed a three-dimensional transportation network system that complements railways, highways, aviation and water transport in the southwestern Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. The efficient air passage will meet the passenger's comfortable and fast travel requirements, creating a good condition for exploring the tourist market and creating a boutique tourist route.

However, at the same time as the Xingyi Airport was open to traffic, the relevant parties poured cold water on the construction of the airport that is under construction or about to be carried out, including Guizhou Province. It is of course a good thing to have money to build the airport, but it is crucial. Some people have to buy it after the construction. Otherwise, it can't be called a good thing, or it can only be said that the relevant parties have done a good thing that is not very practical at present!

In fact, before the Xingyi Airport was opened, some people of insight in Guizhou Province expressed their concern about Guizhou and the upcoming regional airport. They believe that Guizhou is not the best time to build a regional airport, or The spring of Guizhou branch airport construction has not yet arrived!

Undoubtedly, for Guizhou, where traffic conditions have changed a lot, especially for the tourism industry that is being favored by Chinese and foreign tourists in recent years, if there is a big change in air transportation, then It is the best!

The relevant person said in an interview with reporters that, first of all, after the 9 airports in Daxing and Xingyi of Guizhou are navigable, the ground transportation and air transportation can be organically combined and compensated, making the remote areas of Liping and Libo in Guizhou Province The traffic in the ethnic areas that have been raised in the scenic spots that are not known to the public has been alleviated, thus forming a relatively complete and comprehensive comprehensive tourism transportation system, which constitutes the Guizhou tourism transportation network. Secondly, because Guizhou is located in the upper reaches of the two rivers, it is used for civil construction. The feeder airport is more conducive to ecological environment protection than the construction of highways. This is also more to protect the fragile ecological environment of Guizhou and promote the development of Guizhou tourism. The third is that the construction of civil feeder airports is more economical than the construction of highways. It is concluded that the cost of building a civilian feeder airport is only equivalent to the investment of 10 to 15 kilometers of expressway. For Guizhou, which is still lagging in economy, it is both economical and environmentally friendly. Why not? Therefore, the construction of the feeder airport has become a big dream in many places. However, is this dream realistic at the moment?

Statistics from relevant parties indicate that the annual passenger throughput of Tongren Daxing Airport, which was completed two years ago in Guizhou, should be 320,000 passengers per year, and the passenger throughput in 2002 and 2003 was only 54,000 passengers and 4 16 million people, far from the requirements, the airport traffic can not keep up, meaning "not enough."

In fact, it is not the only Tongren Daxing Airport. In China, many regional airports and even a few mainline airports have suffered losses due to “not enough food”. Losing money means that the best time to invest has not yet arrived. Therefore, the relevant people believe that in the current situation of Guizhou's economic aggregate is not very strong, especially the local government financial resources are still very limited, the construction of regional airports should be cautious.

The spring of the construction of regional airports has not yet arrived. It is not that Guizhou should not be built at the current stage or in recent years. In this regard, relevant persons in the tourism industry of Guizhou Province pointed out that tourism is one of the pillar industries that Guizhou Province is optimistic about in the future. This is the main reason why Guizhou Province is fully committed to building regional airports. In order to make the big tourism industry realize in Guizhou, at present, the relevant departments of Guizhou should make some efforts in the construction of the ground, such as the construction of hotels, the network construction of tourist attractions, and the supporting facilities of tourist attractions. Because only then, others will come. After coming, they will stay and be willing to spend here. After more tourists, there will be money to build a regional airport. Only after the airport is built will someone pay the bill! Otherwise, everything can only be in the water month, and thus the taxpayer's money is wasted in disguise.

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