Hainan joins Hong Kong to expand the German tourism market

[Maidian.com] On the morning of March 11th, local time, the German capital Berlin was frozen in the cold. In a local high-star hotel, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region held a tourism promotion meeting...

[May Point Network] On the morning of March 11th, local time, the German capital Berlin was frozen in the cold, and in a local high-star hotel, the scene of the tourism promotion conference organized by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was a lively scene. Hainan related tourism units were invited to participate in the promotion conference and as the only non-Hong Kong unit to make a special promotion on the tourism industry.

The head of the Tourism Liaison Office in Berlin, Hainan Province, and the head of the Sanya Tourism Development Committee, who is attending the Berlin International Tourism Fair in Berlin, were invited to attend. At the Hong Kong Special Promotion Conference, Hainan brought the latest Hainan tourism information to travel agents from all over the world, and conducted friendly exchanges on the joint development of Hainan's overseas tourism market.

In the wonderful tourism promotion speech by the responsible person in Hong Kong, the words "Hainan" and "Sanya" were mentioned from time to time. In a vivid, systematic and focused introduction to the development of the Hong Kong tourism market and potential business opportunities, it also revealed an important message to the travel traders of the participating countries: Hainan has become an important Hong Kong in terms of overseas tourism. Strategic partners have a good relationship with Hong Kong. Hong Kong and Hainan's international tourism market are looking forward to more attention and development.

At the promotion meeting, the head of the Berlin Tourism Liaison Office of Hainan Province promoted and promoted Hainan tourism through multimedia. At the same time, it also carried out issues related to the Hainan geographical environment and how to quickly reach Hainan and Hainan to build an international tourist island. Introduced. (Nanhai Net)

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