Heavy waste recycling business is not good

Following the sharp decline in scrap prices in 2008, the scrap buying market is now falling again. Today’s reporter visited the provincial market and discovered that the prices of waste newspapers, waste paper bins, and scrap iron have continued to fall since mid-October. The business of hawkers and acquisition stations that recycle waste products has been deserted. While sighing that business is hard to do, some People turned around, and some people went out of business and returned home in advance.

Guo Ling lives in the provincial water community. She is accustomed to picking up bottles and cans for a period of time before she sells them. At the end of September, the recycling prices of waste collection stations were: 0.8 yuan per kilogram of waste newspapers, 0.6 yuan per kilogram of waste paper boxes, and 1.4 yuan per kilogram of scrap iron. From mid-October, waste newspapers dropped to 0.75 yuan per kilogram, waste paper boxes 0.5 yuan per kilogram, and scrap iron 1.2 yuan per catty. Now, 0.7 yuan per kilogram of waste newspapers, 0.4 yuan per kilogram of waste paper boxes, and 1.1 yuan per kilogram of scrap iron. If a recycling hawker is sold to a flat car, the average price will be 0.2 yuan per catty. "The price is so low, I don't want to sell it." Yesterday, when the reporter saw her, she said so. There are old newspapers and old magazines on the balcony of her home and under the bed in her home.

“In the past, there was no cricket in the family's courtyard. Recently, there was less waste collection.” At the Heping Road Taihua Dormitory, Ms. Shen introduced that she had accumulated a lot of waste products, and felt that the recycling price had fallen and the waste collection personnel had fallen. It is also decreasing. In the five communities visited by reporters, such as Taihua Dormitory, water plant dormitories, and boiler factory dormitories, many residents expressed the same feeling.

“When the business is good, we can receive more than 10 calls per day. The turnover is 2,000 yuan. Now it can be as good as 1,000 yuan per day.” There was a waste acquisition at the Gangyu Instrument Factory dormitory in the provincial capital of Yinxian North Street. station. This morning, the reporter came here and the person in charge, Guo Xiaoming, introduced that there were 5 people in the acquisition station, the rent would be 3,000 yuan per month, and the monthly net profit would be equal to 8,000 yuan in order to be flat. Now it is obviously a loss.

“In order to survive, scrap iron purchased last month could only be sold at a low price and suffer a lot of losses. The problem is that today, one dollar is accepted, and tomorrow, the market will become 8 cents. You can engage in this line for four years, do not do this, what to do?" Guo Xiaoming introduced his hometown in Shuangmiao Township, Handan City, Hebei Province, and he came to Taiyuan to collect the waste of the fellow, there are more than 500 people, due to business Difficult to do, in recent days, there have been five fellow townships out of business, returning to their hometowns in advance, and some of their peers have switched jobs in transportation, logistics, transportation, and water supply. "I don't know why I heard you say, it seems that there is a crisis in Europe, the use of manufacturing materials is decreasing, and the price of scrap is falling."

Taiyuan City Bureau of Commerce, Taiyuan City Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. responsible for waste recycling staff, scrap metal is used to recycle processing and reuse, in recent days, the decline of used materials, and close relationship with the international market. Because of the impact of the European crisis, many processing and manufacturing companies collapsed, and the waste plastic raw materials that were recycled for reprocessing were not sold and prices fell naturally. The recent decline in international commodity futures, the corresponding decline in the price of copper, iron and other commodities, buyers follow the situation down the purchase price, waste recycling will also follow suit.

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