Lijiang is very violent after a tour, and the hotel violates female tourists.

On the evening of the 8th, a tour guide borrowed a female tourist from the Dawa Hotel in Wushui Village, and after the female tourist escaped, the tour guide chased the female tourist room and broke the door in the door and the bathroom. . On the afternoon of the 11th, the Lijiang Municipal People's Government Information Office informed the media about the matter: At present, the Public Security Bureau of Lijiang Ninglang Autonomous County has filed a case for the case, and the local tour guide Cao has been criminally detained according to law.


Room door opened by the tour guide

Group friend Weibo: "The tour guide raped the attempt"

At 1:49 am on the 9th, the Wuhu police station received a report that the Dawa Hotel in Luoshui Village had a tour guide who drunk and forced a female tourist who was carrying the team to be indecent.

Not long after, Sina’s Weibo appeared on the incident.

@彭小真 likes you in Penghu tourism, the tour guide raped the attempted, the tourists were beaten, and threatened to kill... Now we can only stay in the inn, and wait for the dawn to return to Lijiang City.

@笑郭超 is now waiting for the confession to be recorded at the Penghu police station. In the middle of the night, the tour guide actually wants to rape the group girl with the Mosuo people without the identity card killing and not going to jail. Now dozens of group members sit from one o'clock in the morning. I dare not sleep until now, because the parties said that they will kill us one by one.

Police investigation: want to violently invade tourists

After receiving the report, the Wuhu police station immediately rushed to the scene to deal with. After the initial investigation, on the evening of the 8th, the tour guide Cao invited three female tourists (Zhou, Yang, Li) to take a barbecue in Luoshui Barbecue City and drink in the barbecue shop. After eating the barbecue and returning to the Dawa Hotel in the accommodation, Cao took Zhou to force him to the room and was indecent. After Zhou fled back to his room, Cao chased the room to Zhou and the room door and the room. The bathroom door is broken. After the local public security department visited the investigation, on-site investigation, etc., the Ninglang County Public Security Bureau filed a case investigation on the case on the 9th, and Cao was criminally detained according to law.

On the 10th of October, the Lijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a task force on the physical conflict between Cao and tourists, and the intention to violently invade the tourists Zhou et al.

Mediation between the two parties: travel agency refund fees

Lijiang officially informed the media that Lijiang Municipal Tourism Bureau has instructed the person in charge of Cao’s Wuhu Travel Agency to apologize to the tourists, refund all the expenses of the tourists to visit the Wuhu section, and refund all the expenses of the tourists participating in the self-funded project during the time of Penghu. To meet the return requirements of the goods purchased by tourists during the tour of Wuhu. Lijiang Tourism Bureau has made a cancellation of the qualification of Cao.

At around 0:30 on the 10th, after coordination, Wuhu Travel Agency and tourists reached a mediation agreement, and refunded the tourists to Penghu for tour expenses, shopping expenses, and self-funded project expenses totaling 33,450 yuan. Three people, including Zhou, have not signed a mediation agreement for the investigation of the case.

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