Lishui recycles 152,000 households for home appliances to catch the last train of “replacement”

According to the relevant regulations of the state, the replacement of home appliances will be tentatively scheduled to close on December 31 this year. The continuous implementation of the appliance replacement policy for the past two years has entered a “countdown”, and citizens of Lishui have also rushed to adopt the “last train” policy to discard the old and buy new ones.

On December 25th, the reporter visited a number of home appliance stores in the city and found that the stores will combine sales promotion with the end of the year and promotions at the end of the year, and launched preferential measures such as “group purchase” and “buy gifts” to attract consumers' attention. Under the dual “stimulus” of policies and store promotions, many consumers have shot. "We would have liked to buy a new refrigerator when we moved to our new home next spring. Now we have a total of more than 300 yuan through the trade-in and factory promotional discounts. It's a good deal," says Zhang Da, a citizen who bought a new refrigerator through home appliances.

A person in charge of an electric store in the city told reporters that since November this year, people who have consulted or dealt with “renewed” have started to increase significantly. The sale of home appliances in stores has also increased by more than 20%. Among them, traditional home appliances such as color TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines that participate in the trade-in are most popular.

“The appliance trade-in policy is very good. I didn’t know how to deal with the “old-fashioned” appliances at home and it was a pity to sell it at a low price. If this policy can continue forever,” the public will have to replace the appliance that is about to end. Policy expresses nostalgia.

It is reported that the implementation of home appliances trade-in policy has brought a lot of vital benefits for the general public, not only led to the sale of new home appliances, more homes of many consumers find the old home appliances "good place." According to the data released by the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, from January 2009 to December 19 this year, the city has achieved a total of 152,000 units of five types of waste household appliances and sold 157,000 new home appliances, with sales of 545 million yuan.

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