The airport cargo volume has dropped sharply.

In recent years, the Macau International Airport has changed the dominant image of passenger transport, “fighting” the freight forwarding business, and achieved good results. Last year, the handling of cargo volume hit a historic record of 20,000 tons. Since the beginning of this year, with the gradual opening up of the aviation policy in the Mainland, and the lowering of the threshold of airports in neighboring regions to attract foreign cargo airlines to “settle”, the cargo business of the Macau International Airport has brought a lot of impact, and the volume of goods has suddenly dropped “a big cut”.

Some people think that the authorities and the industry should no longer immerse themselves in the past achievements. They must start with policies, the inherent soft and hard facilities of the airport and improve service standards, and improve as soon as possible to adapt to the development of the air cargo industry.

[b]The freight is soaring and unintentional[/b]

The Macau International Airport has been dominated by passenger transport for many years. The outbreak of SARS in 2003 has seriously affected the global air passenger transport business. The airlines and air transport industry have taken advantage of the lower charges, good services and convenient customs clearance of the Macau airport. Pioneering the cargo transportation business at the Macau International Airport. Among them, the Macao Airlines and Macao Airport franchise companies have made adjustments in the structure, and successively set up the freight department and logistics department, and introduced large-scale all-cargo planes to fully launch the cargo business.

Although the passenger traffic of the Macau Airport has not recovered to the level before SARS until last year, the handling volume has doubled to more than 20,000 tons, making it one of the largest airports in the region and the world. . It is the “life-saving straw” of air cargo that helps the Macao air transport industry to survive the “SARS” crisis; and even the good development momentum of the Macau air cargo industry in the past two years is also largely due to the fact that Macau’s aviation policy is closer to its neighbors. open.

With the gradual opening of the civil aviation policy in the Mainland since last year, and the opening up of freight transportation is far greater than passenger transport, mainland airlines and large foreign companies have joined together to form new freight companies to develop air cargo business; The aircraft's requirements in terms of noise and other aspects have increased efforts to attract foreign airlines.

Some small cargo airlines that originally operated at the Macau airport also transferred some positions, reduced the number of flights at the Macau airport, and even moved out of Macau, causing the Macau airport to handle the monthly decline in cargo volume this month. The total volume handled in May and June this year was down by 15% compared with the same period of last year. The cumulative increase in handling volume in the first half of the year was less than 2%, reflecting the slowdown in Macau's air cargo.

[b]The volume of goods has dropped sharply and painstakingly [/b]

In the face of the sharp decline in air cargo traffic in recent months, some people believe that the industry should no longer succumb to the achievements of the past. It is advisable to reposition the future development of the air cargo industry and the entire aviation industry and improve the dilemma of inadequate airport facilities. .

Due to the lack of aviation resources in Macao, especially in the surrounding areas, aviation policy should be based on its own resources, and then can not rest on its own feet. A more open atmosphere should be created for the market to compensate for the shortcomings of insufficient aviation resources. In addition, the airport cargo facilities are far from being shackled and the informationization is lagging behind, which cannot meet the development needs and deserve the attention of the industry and relevant authorities.

With less processing volume, there is limited demand for advanced levels of freight station automation and information systems. With the increase in the volume of goods, the old system can no longer meet the demand. The pace of airport expansion should be carried out, and more advanced automation systems should be introduced to improve the service level.

In the past few years, the efficiency of handling cargo at the Macau airport is indeed much higher than that of some airports in the vicinity. However, due to the increase in cargo volume and the lack of space in the cargo terminal, incidents such as the wetness of cargo have occurred in recent months. In the long run, the airport service standards must be re-adjusted to strictly comply with the requirements of the current air cargo industry on time and with less losses.

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