Tourists interact with the Internet in real time and travel into the “touch era”

What is smart tourism? It is the use of mobile cloud computing, the Internet and other new technologies, with the help of portable terminal Internet devices, active perception of tourism-related information, and timely arrangements and adjustments of travel plans. Simply put, it is the real-time interaction between tourists and the Internet, allowing the travel arrangements to enter the "touch era."

If you say that the Shanghai World Expo will bring people the first experience of smart travel - in the Expo site, just pull out the mobile phone, gently brush, tourists will receive regular information from the venue on mobile phones. On the interactive touch screen of the self-service terminals in the park's information kiosk, information on various services in the parks, stadiums, and cities is abundant. Take the pilot city of Nanjing as an example. In the next few years, Nanjing will integrate the information resources of scenic spots, travel agencies, hotels, and tourism-related industries to create a unified smart tourism central management platform and tourism resources database. By then, visitors to Nanjing will no longer need to turn maps, make telephone calls, log on to the system with their mobile phones or computers, and they will be able to understand how to use the car most conveniently, which restaurants have the best taste, where shopping is the most rewarding.

Smart tourism uses information technology to integrate some tourism resources, and then tailors them to meet the needs of tourists. For example, Macao received more than 10 million mainland tourists last year. Its information platform can reflect the specific number and ranking of the provinces. However, in many tourist cities in China, the number of tourists received each year is far higher than the number of Macao tourists. However, where they come from, and how many people there are, it is unclear. Even the composition of tourist destinations, tourist directions and development trends are not clear. Therefore, it is difficult to develop a tourist product with targeted marketing.

For tourists, safety is the most important. Smart tourism can not only meet the relevant needs of tourists for travel, accommodation, and excursions, but also has a prominent role in tourism safety, tourism convenience demand, and travel mobile search. For example, when an adventure traveler is in distress, he can quickly find the nearest refuge or emergency station through the terminal, so that the rescue force can quickly determine the location of tourists in distress and implement effective rescue. For example, in the digital command center of the Nanjing Zhongshan Mausoleum Scenic Area, there is a “video wall” that constantly rotates and displays the images detected by 50 probes in the scenic spot. According to the smart travel design program, this video surveillance system is expected to increase the smart video recognition function, according to a variety of pre-defined rules, automatic discovery of abnormal events and alarm, for the staff to "reduce." At the same time, for visitors lost in the scenic area, there will be a special "personnel tracking system." The system binds the travel year card, the citizen card and the visitor's mobile phone in advance, and records the tourist visited area in the scenic spot, which can initially lock the location of the lost tourist. It can thus be seen that the establishment of a "smart travel" platform can not only improve the efficiency and level of tourism management, but also build a "protective wall" for tourists' travel safety.

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