Ye Jianhua: Inner City and Beauty Hot

The hustle and bustle of the city may seem like two things, but they are intrinsically linked to each other.

Because of their commonality, they live in a heart filled with air, pursue an external image, and neglect their inner cultivation.

Many white-collar workers in the workplace are trying to cover up the years for the sake of the scenery, and they spend a lot of money cutting and peeling and liposuction, which has spawned the beauty of the beauty industry. According to Yeh Man, a master of Chinese studies, such beauty is a self-destruction of the Great Wall. In fact, artificial beauty created by beauty salons is difficult to last, and it may even be counterproductive, destroying the foundation, accelerating aging, and not worth the candle. The world-famous pop singer Jackson caused serious injuries to the body due to excessive plastic surgery, leading to premature death. Many people in our country are also suffering from mental and physical suffering caused by plastic surgery. For a long time for youth, we must focus on adjusting our mood, opening our eyes, reading more books, enriching knowledge, strengthening exercise, and combining work and rest. The ancients said: "There is poetry and calligraphy in the abdomen." From the inside out, the beauty will be beautiful and charming.

Urban architecture is equivalent to a human face. This face can be described as showing his face for nearly 30 years. Many Westerners were amazed that the construction of Shanghai's Lujiazui [14.01 1.45% shares] and Beijing's Financial Street [7.28 1.68% shares] were no worse than American China [0.15] 1.36%, and even beat them.

However, there are many "lesions" in the interior of this beautiful "face" and there are many hidden dangers. Let’s not talk about traffic jams, air pollution, and shortages of resources for the time being. Let’s talk about the city’s rampage after the heavy rain.

In recent days, a number of cities in Beijing, Wuhan and other cities have experienced serious internal turbulence. As a result, some people have arranged "Beijing Seven Scenes." It is said that some photographs have been verified to exist in the form of flowers and pictures, and the pictures are false. However, it was an indisputable fact that Beijing’s internal nexus caused traffic in some areas that day.

While we are pursuing false images of the “Beijing Seven Scenes”, we should also reflect on the deep-seated causes that have caused serious internal flaws in Beijing and other cities.

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China’s economy has developed rapidly. Today, it has surpassed Japan as the world’s second largest economy and has exported more than Germany’s ranks first in the world. These achievements were achieved in the context of GDP cult, excessive consumption of resources, severe environmental pollution, and low income of workers. This "high-speed train" is difficult to operate in a safe and balanced manner.

Due to the serious worship of GDP in some localities, some officials have spent their energy on statistics and spent time on performance projects. Some local high-rise buildings have mushroomed, and some state-subsidized impoverished counties have more luxurious office buildings than the White House. . Because of the limited funds, the underground drainage system must cut corners and labor when it pays too much attention to the image of the ground. Once heavy rains and heavy rains are encountered, they must reveal the problem and harm the living creatures. "When the tide receded, it was known who was swimming naked." On June 23, a heavy rain in Beijing, two lives were rushed into the sewer and disappeared. It was terror and sadness.

It is said that Qingdao is a city where there is no internal guilty. More than 100 years ago, the Germans planned and designed a perfect underground drainage system, leaving Qingdao far away from internal guilt. German science and rigor are worth learning.

The problem of urban guilt in China will continue to ferment over time, and people will taste the bitter consequences of pursuing a face-to-face project because of the violation of natural laws.

In order to solve the problems in urban areas, we must start with the implementation of the scientific concept of development. The evaluation of officials must strengthen the people's happiness index, dilute the GDP assessment, whip up the image project, and advocate a down-to-earth work style.

The tranquility of the city is determined by the peace of mind of the managers, the science of assessment, and the wisdom of the nation.

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